What is transgender mastectomy?

A transgender mastectomy goes way beyond a breast removal. By removing the breast we will build a beautiful pectoral and a new anatomical region that will replace the breast.

It requires several steps and the technique is very complete. Dr. Fabiano thanks to her experience, will study and advise on choosing the best technique for each specific case. Always taking into account the needs and desires of the patient. 

To masculinize the thorax we must follow this guidelines:

  • About 90-95% of the gland will be removed. In order to achieve a male anatomy we will perform the resection by insisting on the lower and lateral pole to let the pectoral muscle be insinuated in its lower and lateral part.
  • The nipple areola complex must be placed higher and laterally than the usual female breast, and closer to the new submammary fold which we will also place higher than the original one. The areola-nipple complex must be smaller than the female breasts’ and it is essential that this new location is correctly selected for a good aesthetic result.

What should you consider BEFORe a transgender mastectomy?

  • The feminization or masculinization of the body is a fundamental part of the transit to achieve an identification with the body image according to the needs of the patients.
  • Be of legal age.
  • Be sure of the changes, before making the decision. A transgender mastectomy will be irreversible.
  • In many occasions liposculpture is associated to this treatment for a better masculinizing molding.

Surgical technique

As for the surgical techniques, there are several options of transgender mastectomy. It will depend mainly on the initial breast volume, the distance from the nipple and the result we wish to achieve.

The most common ones involve:

  • Scar in the areola area in small breasts 
  • In breasts with more volume we must also add a scar line in the underwater furrow to make possible the adaptation and removal of the excess skin. 

Except in exceptional cases the scars will be discreet and will not join in the center of the thorax.

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15 Days

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