What is a Pubic Lift?

The Pubic Lifting surgical procedure consists of liposuction of the area to remove excess fat and remove excess skin, tightening the genital area and leaving a very fine scar above the pubic hair.

What should you consider?

The scar is hidden and cannot be seen easily.

Who is it for?

Flaccidity and excess fat in the pubic area is a fairly common problem in mature women, as well as in patients who have varied greatly in weight (associated or not with pregnancies).

Surgical Techniques

Elimination by means of a small liposuction and redefinition of the pubis thanks to a tightening of the skin, eliminating the excess skin almost without any discomfort.

Clinical cases images


45 Minutes






1 to 3 Days

What moves us?

Be more comfortable with yourself

Unaesthetic appearance

Improve appearance in intimate clothing