What is a prosthetic replacement?

Prosthesis replacement is a complex surgery that needs surgical experience.

In most cases will be performed a capsulotomy but it depends on each case and how the implant is. Capsulotomy consists of extracting the old capsule that covers the removed implant. Reason why this is a more complex technique compared to a primary breast augmentation, since the tissues have suffered a relative atrophy.

What should you consider?

  • The change can generate excess skin and the tissues may need adjustment due to the passing of time. An initial scar enlargement may be required from the first operation.
  • The tissues may take a few more weeks to recover compared to the first intervention, which usually happens in almost all secondary surgeries.

Who is it for?

  • People that, by after a specialist’s diagnosis, are recommended an implant change.
  • Breakage of an implant.
  • Unsatisfactory aesthetic result.
  • Desire to change volume.

Surgical technique

The fundamental element that stands out in the practice of Dr. Fabiano is the ability to understand exactly what the patient wants and from there explain to him whether or not it is achievable. The technique will depend on whether the patient:

  • Wants to get implants again in the future
  • Wants to change the size of her breast with implants or with her own fat.
  • Wants to reduce the breast size.
  • Wants to remove breast implants.

Types of implants

The implants we work with (MENTOR and MOTIVA) are top notch, high-end breast prostheses, with FDA and CE marking, which do not necessarily have to be removed after 10 years and with minimal risk of breakage or encapsulation.

Clinical case images


2-3 Hours


1 Day




15 Days but it may depend on the case

What moves us?

Improve self-esteem

Improve self-confidence

Seek for more security

aumento de pecho MAllorca

Correct dimensions

Look better

Feel more sensual and attractive