What is post-oncology breast reconstruction?

A reconstruction of the breast after its removal due to breast cancer or other diseases (mastectomy) is one of the most rewarding surgical procedures from patient’s point of view in plastic surgery today. The development of new reconstruction techniques and new medical materials allow the plastic surgeon to create a breast similar in shape, texture and characteristics to the unoperated breast. Thus, breast reconstruction has as objective:

  • To recreate a natural looking breast, including, if the patient wishes so, the areola and the nipple.
  • Eliminate the need to wear filler prosthesis, making possible to wear clothes that would not be possible otherwise (swimsuits, necklines, etc.).
  • Fill the gap and deformity left in the chest to restore body image, improve quality of life and provide satisfaction to the patient.

What should you consider before doing a breast reconstruction?

To be noted:

  • The decision on the type of breast reconstruction must take into account the patient’s physical state, wishes and whether or not he has received radiation therapy. 

Time of completion:

  • Immediately: right after the mastectomy
  • In a deferred way: when the oncological treatment (chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy) has already finished.

Who is the breast reconstruction for?

Candidates: those patients submitted with absence of breast basically after a mastectomy (whole breast) or lumpectomy (piece of breast tissue).

Surgical technique

Types of  breast reconstruction:

  • With implants: Generally, the definitive placement of the implant is preceded by the placement of an expander to let the skin give up a little.
  • With own tissue: Can be made with fat alone; fat and skin from the abdomen area; with or without muscle; with skin and muscle of the back.

Clinical case images


2-3 Hours


2 Days




1 Month

What moves us?

Improve self-esteem, avoid the psychological shock caused by the remotion of such an important and fundamental anatomical area for a woman