What is mentoplasty?

Mentoplasty or chin surgery is an intervention that aims at reshaping the anatomy of the chin to create harmony in the patient’s face and profile

What should you consider?

  • The final aesthetic result will be a progressive evolution that will last a time between 6 months and 1 year
  • Depending on the desired results, it can be done by implanting a prosthesis, sliding a fragment of bone forward, or reducing the mandibular bone.
  • As a general rule, in order to avoid visible scars, the surgery is performed inside the mouth; in specific cases it can be done with a scar under the chin.

Who is it for?

Those patients seeking for harmony in the lines of their face  

Surgical Technique

  • There are two different types of techniques.
  • Slight submental or intraoral incision and implant placement.
  • Increase with own fat or absorbable fillers.

Clinical cases images


1-2 Hours depending on the surgical technique




General or Local


1 Week

What moves us?

Have a more defined chin

Improve the shape of the face and give it harmony

Congenital malformation

Decrease the dewlap

Very large or very small chin

Have a more defined neckline and jaw