What is Lipofilling?

Also known as Lipostransference, Lipofilling is a new facial and body rejuvenation technique that consists in removing living fat cells from the patient himself to add volume to certain areas of the body such as breasts, buttocks or face.

What should you consider?

This technique consists of three steps: the first is to obtain the patient’s fat cells, the second is the special treatment of those cells and finally the injection of the fat cells in the anatomical treated area. Requires a small Liposuction in order to obtain the necessary fat.

Who is it for?

  •  People that have lost firmness and volume in their facial skin and do not want a resorbable filler.
  • HIV patients, who due to their disease has significantly decreased the presence of fatty tissue, especially on the cheeks and cheekbones, causing a tired appearance.

Surgical Technique

After liposuction, fatty tissue is removed from the abdomen, buttocks, or other selected areas of the body, purified in a concentrated sample, and then injected into the skin and deeper soft tissues using a 1 mm cannula. There, new blood vessels will be developed and will transport oxygen to the transplanted fat cells. 50% of the fat cells won’t survive, for this reason the filled lipo is often repeated two or three times to achieve the best result.

Clinical cases images


1/ 2 Hours






1 week

What moves us?

Recover freshness

Restore elasticity in the face

Freshness and smoothness in the face

Improves self-esteem

Decrease signs of aging