What is a face and neck lift?

The face lift, technically called Rhytidectomy, have as its fundamental objective treating the gravitational signs, the nasolabial folds, sun damage, fall of the cheekbones, cheeks and jaw areas associated with the aging. In fact, the face lift removes excess skin, tightens the underlying tissues and muscles of the face and neck skin.

What should you consider?

After a complete preoperative study, Dr. Lia Fabiano will specify the type of surgery required.Anyway the placement and number of incisions are not visible, because they are located behind the ear and inside the scalp.

Who is it for?

  • Patients with significant flaccidity in the face and neck, generally over 45.
  • Patients who prefer to undergo surgery rather than use methods that have to be repeated every year.

Surgical Techniques

  • Cervical Lift
  • Temporary Lifting 
  • Complete Lift

Clinical cases images


1/ 3 Hours


12/48 Hours Depending on the area


Local with sedation or general depending on the area


10 to 15 Days depending on the area

What moves us?

Sagging skin of nasolabial folds , double chin due to loose skin , accumulation of fat and skin in the neck and face.

Increase our self-esteem

Skin of the face and neck is flabby

Fresh appearance, Lush and youthful, signs of aging in the face