What is buttock lift
with own fat?

The buttock lift or buttock augmentation, consists of a surgery focused on achieving the appearance that we consider desirable for our buttocks, as well as a more natural appearance. The butt will result toner, with a smoother skin and a saggy butt will be lifted.

What should you consider before doing a butt lift?

  • The buttock lift can be done with own fat, in this case, a liposuction would be done on the areas of your body where you want to remove some fat, and it will be injected in the gluteal muscle of your butt. You can also choose implants placed in your butt.
  • This procedure can be applied to both men and women who want to have more curves or a more balanced body shape.

Who is the Butt lift for?

  • The ideal patients for buttock lift who choose to use implants, should be very thin and have little fat in their body, for those who are slightly overweight there are other methods such as the fat transfer.
  • To go through this type of surgery, the patient must be healthy and emotionally stable.
  • In the case, you want to go through a butt lift following an important weight loss, your weight needs to be stable for at least 12 months.

Surgical techniques

Buttock lift with silicone implants

  • There are different models and volumes of prostheses, in order to be able to adapt them to each patient to give the best natural result.

 Lipofilling – Buttock augmentation through fat transfer

  • The fat is obtained from the body itself through liposuction. The most common areas to get it from are: abdomen, hips or the inner side of thighs and knees.

Clinical cases immages


2/3 Hours


1 Days




2 Weeks

What moves us?

Improve self-esteem

Reaffirm the silhouette

Feel more sensual and attractive