What is a breast augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is a kind of surgery that increases the volume of the breasts. It’s used mostly by those women who feel unsatisfied and want to improve their appearance, either because their breasts did not develop enough, or when there is a slight asymmetry and the patient want to match their breasts.

What should you consider before a Breast Augmentation?

Who is a Breast Augmentation for?

If you do not have enough breast and want to increase its size.

Surgical techniques

Breast augmentation with prosthetics.

  • There are three access routes to place the prostheses (axillary, areolar, submammary), the different prostheses that exist on the market and their characteristics (size, shape, weight, etc.) will also be taken into account. The patient will be advised according to morphology, type of breast, work and daily activities.

Breast augmentation with fat.

  • Fat is obtained from the body itself through liposuction. The most common donor areas are: abdomen, flanks, trochanters (cartridges) or the inner side of thighs and knees. After filtering and working, it can be deposited in the breast area.

Clinical case images


1/2 Hours


1 Day




15 Days

What moves us?

 Improve confidence

Improve self-esteem

Feel more sensual and attractive

aumento de pecho MAllorca

Show a slimmer and more stylized figure

Seek for freshness

Gain security