What are Bichat Balls?

The surgery for removing the Bichat balls, or bichectomy, consists of the extraction of the buccal fat pad (known as Bichat balls). It is a procedure performed to reduce the prominent cheeks, by proportional removal of the tissue of the oral fat pad.

What should you consider?

In the immediate postoperative period you will not be able to practice sports or have a solid diet.

Who is it for?

  • Patients with a rounded face and who wish to sharpen it.
  • Patients who want to redefine the entire midfacial part of the face and jaw.

Surgical Technique

There will be no external scar, only two small intraoral incisions will be performed in order to remove the fat. The stitches are small and reabsorbable.

Clinical cases images


1 Hour






48 Hours

What moves us?

Unsightly appearance with rounded face

Need to mark the facial oval line along with the cheek area, defining and sharpening it.