What is the LF Smile technique?

It is a star and essential treatment that eliminates tiredness and the aging effect caused by expression wrinkles, leaving furrows on the skin that may look like scars. This technique has an immediate effect on patients (after 72 hours) without removing their expressiveness.

What should you consider?

You will not be able to do sports for 24 hours

Who is it for?

All kind of patients from 22 to 70.

The application of neuromodulators during early age (only if necessary without exceeding the minimum 22 years) helps us to delay the formation of wrinkles. This is a preventive treatment of neuromodulators on the muscles that cause expression wrinkles (dynamic wrinkles) long before they are permanently marked. In this way, leaving the muscles relaxed, the wrinkles manifestation is avoided or delayed.

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What moves us?

Eliminate tired appearance

Improve our appearance

Bring freshness

Feel better with our expression