What is the lip combination technique?

Lips filling and shaping is developed through the use of hyaluronic acid that gives them volume, corrects asymmetries and outlines the lip contour. In this technique, an injectable dermal filler is the most commonly method of lip augmentation. The objective of the treatment with Hyaluronic Acid is to provide turgidity, elasticity and volume.

What should you consider?

Currently available fillers can be permanent or temporary (Hyaluronic fillers or with own fat).

The most suitable technique should be decided together with the plastic surgeon. Beautiful lips do not have to be excessive and unnatural. Lip filling and shaping is performed using an anesthetic ointment 30-40 minutes before the treatment. In the first session, the most striking defects will be corrected, but a touch-up may be necessary after two weeks when the inflammation will have subsided.

These effects are immediately obtained, but will be maintained for a certain period of time

Who is it for?

  • Women of any age who want to hydrate or create a beautiful and elegant lip contour, along with increasing the volume.
  • Men who want to maintain masculinity and hydrating their lips.

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What moves us?

Better defined lip contour

Lips with a more harmonious shape

Improve appearance

Seek for beautiful lips