Localized fat can be treated through a specific substance infiltration, which will allow localized fat to be removed in a non-surgical way.

In fact, the substance will be injected directly into the fatty tissue, managing to break the adipocytes and reduce some centimeters in each treatment session.

With this technique, a specific substance is infiltrated with an extra fine needle and with a single puncture directly into the adipose tissue. In this way, the adipocyte is liquefied so that the lipids are eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system. This will allow us to reduce the fat until desired volume is reached.

What should you consider?

  • It is a specially recommended treatment to eliminate fat in those areas that are not reduced even with exercise and/or a  strict diet.
  • We will have to take care of ourselves and maintain a healthy diet with regular sport and diet habits.

Who is it for?

People with accumulations of fat in specific areas such as flanks (hips, waist) or facial dewlap


40 Minutes



What moves us?

Eliminate fat accumulations quickly and effectively

Feel better

Lipo Vaser Barcelona beneficios

Improve appearance