What is fat elimination in mentonian area?

Fat in the chin area is a constant aesthetic concern for both men and women. It is known as “dewlap” and nevertheless, thanks to the advances in aesthetic medicine, we can rely on products and substances that helps us to solve this frequent problem.


Besides surgery, there are several non-invasive treatment options. Also, there are products with a combined formula that includes firming and draining agents, that will reduce redness and inflammation after the procedure. In this way, the appearance and definition of the facial contour are improved.

What should you consider?

  • A bandage must be maintained for 24 hours.
  • Sports cannot be practiced for 24 hours.

Who is it for?

Patient with unsightly accumulation of fat in the submental zone.

Clinical case images


40 Minutes



What moves us?

Improve the appearance of the submental zone

Feel better about our own appearance