What is the Facial Masculinization?

The Facial masculinization (also known as Mascu-Look) is a treatment that aims at highlighting masculinity and virility on man’s face. In fact, many features can reflect such qualities, marking even an imperfect beauty, like a more marked jaw or an aquiline nose.

What should you consider?

Suitable for all types of ages, some small redness could come out that will last between 24-48 hours.

Who is it for?

Nowadays an increasing number of men wants a consultation with the concern of improving their image. Aesthetic medicine is no longer an exclusive area for women. Non-surgical, or minimally invasive, aesthetic medical treatments offer the ideal response to those men who want to improve their appearance quickly, naturally and without a significant recovery period. For this reason, facial masculinization is the perfect technique to define and highlight male facial features.

Clinical case images


40 Minutes



What moves us?

Mandibular redefinition

Improve the appearance of the skin by hydrating it

A fresher skin tone

Improved self-esteem